Somos una empresa ubicada en Mercabilbao y especializada en el Transporte de mercancías nacional, Transporte frigorífico nacional y Transporte internacional (Europa)

BOCDO TRAFIC was founded in 1985 to serve industries located in the Basque Country surrounding area with canvas and rigid trucks.

Since then, we have kept on innovating and improving our services, adopting the latest technologies and refining our management systems, in order to give support to our clients’ needs and requirements.

From 1985, we have increased our activity region to the whole Iberian peninsula and Europe, including imports and exports, with TIR, refrigerated and ADR trucks.

We work in various sectors including: food industry, big retailers, construction, industrial sector, electric appliances, paper, wood…

Our service excellence is guaranteed by more than 5,000 suppliers.

All services are performed following the guidelines established in our Quality System, according to ISO 9001:2015.

We offer Reliability, Speed, Quality, Safety, Punctuality and Professionalism.